Free Club Penguin Membership Codes 2014

club penguin money makerWant to become a member on Club Penguin? I bet we all do, that is why here I have many FREE Club Penguin Membership Codes that you can use. These free Club Penguin Memberships are still working for 2014, and anybody could use them. After obtaining a 1, 3, 6, or even 12 month membership card from our generator, you can do almost anything on the snowy island. You can purchase items from the latest catalog, buy the latest igloos, participate in the latest parties, and much more. Below, you can learn how to use the codes that we have provided, so you can use them instantly.
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How to Unlock Free Club Penguin Membership Codes:

If you're new to Club Penguin, and you want to learn how to unlock these codes, look no further. Below, you can find a step by step guide that will help you unlock these codes within seconds.
  1. Go to the homepage for CP.
  2. Scroll down and click on "Activate Card."
  3. Login to your account.
  4. Enter your free CP Membership Code.
After completing these steps, you should have successfully unlocked your membership code. Below, you can learn about some more resources that we have available for you on this site.

How to get Free Membership on Club Penguin:

Obtaining these memberships are actually pretty easy, if you know how to use this site. After you visit our membership generator for Club Penguin (click here to do so), you can submit your email and username, so you can enter one of our raffles. We try our best to have as many as raffles as possible, at MINIMUM we will have one raffle per month. We usually try to giveawaway at least 2-4 membership codes per month.

Club Penguin Membership Cards:

If you haven't obtained a free membership for Club Penguin yet, then no need to worry. Below, I will also go over some alternative methods that you can use to earn them. By using everything you have learned on this website, you will be able to obtain many Club Penguin Memberships. Note, that all of these methods are still working in 2014.
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To begin, you can follow me on Twitter for the latest updates on my giveaways. When you do this, I (Gokhan137) will giveaway a ton of codes very often on my Twitter account as well. In addition, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to obtain even more gifts (I think you know what I mean) for free. Wait, why my YouTube? I'll explain this below.

When you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you will know about our latest parties that we will be hosting. With every party, we always end up giving away a free Club Penguin Membership card. Sometimes we may even just giveaway a 6 month membership card. You never know what membership we will giveaway next...

If all else fails (which it shouldn't) you can always just buy a Club Penguin Membership Card from a local store around you. Some of the more popular places to buy them are at are at CVS, Toys R Us, Target, Best Buy, Game Stop, Walmart, etc. They should be available right near you. However, if you live in a different country, then just rely on our free membership codes to get you your member account.

History of Free Club Penguin Membership:

The whole concept of free memberships for Club Penguin started back in 2005. When I first joined, I kept on hearing rumors that in 2005-2006 playing the game was completely free. However, I can say that this was not true. What is true however, is that the game did giveaway memberships for the Beta Testers which went on in the October of 2005.

At this time, all testers got two weeks of free Club Penguin Membership. This may seem like a good deal, but it's nothing compared to what happened in the May of 2012.

Free Club Penguin Membership Craze of 2012:

In the May of 2012, a crazy thing happened with free Club Penguin Membership. In this month, Club Penguin partnered up with a German gaming website, and they were promoting a special offer. If you registered an account through them, a free one week Club Penguin Membership would be given to you. English players found out about this, and the average player in the Club Penguin community has hundreds, if not nearly a thousand free Club Penguin Membership codes.

This was great while it lasted. Why? Because, about a day later the entire community took every single free CP Membership Code out of it. Many people who were on vacation, or just away during this time, never even got to obtain one free code. This is why, you should visit daily to be informed if something like this occurs once again.

How do I Use That Free Membership Generator?

Using our free Membership Generator is easy. This generator, is mainly a raffle system, with which you will be able to enter contests and earn membership codes for Club Penguin. Note that only one person per household can enter this raffle, as if too many people entered, it wouldn't be fair to others. Not others, but it wouldn't be fair to YOU as well. When we obtain a larger supply for free Club Penguin Memberships, we will allow you to enter multiple times.

Okay, What Now?

What happens now? Well, it's time to use our site for free Club Penguin Memberships and use it to your advantage. We will be updating this page often, so be sure to check back for the latest updates on how to obtain free memberships. Sometimes, a major update will occur, and we will post it here.

Note that we are also working as hard as possible to allow you to receive the latest Club Penguin Membership codes. We plan on adding more resources for you to use in the future, so you can enhance your Club Penguin game play experience. If you have any other ideas for us, please contact us at contact(at)freeclubpenguinmembership(.)in.