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Club Penguin Money Maker

On this page, you will find our official Club Penguin Money Maker. This money maker, unlike other ones, will add up to 5,000 coins to your Club Penguin account in one run. Note that you can use this money maker multiple times in one day! Want to buy the latest item, furniture, or game igloo? Well this tool will get you where you need to be.

NOTE: This tool is still being worked on and tested. If you happen to face any weird errors while using this tool, please leave us a comment below stating what your error was. That way, we will be able to fix it immediately.

Club Penguin Money Maker
Use this money maker to add up to 1,000,000 coins to your Club Penguin account instantly!

Money Maker Information


By using this money maker, you are aware that we are NOT accountable for whatever occurs to your Club Penguin account. This Club Penguin Money Maker is intended to act as a tool to the community. Use it at your own risk. However, this tool is VERY safe to use.


Will I get banned?

There is a VERY low chance that you will get banned by using this tool. Remember, you can use this tool multiple times in one day and get up to 5,000 coins per run.

It won't add the coins!

If the money maker is not working for whatever reason, please leave us a comment below with what error you receive so we can fix it. Note that we are trying to make this money maker faster.